Go Rent A Car approached Studio Five with the big mission of creating a modern identity for its new Rent a Car business. As a start up, the brand was ready to bring an entirely new experience to the tourist-fuelled rental market in Barbados, all while communicating the beauty and simplicity of Go's user experience. 

The idea Studio Five came up with was simple. When you're on vacation, a car allows you to go adventure, go relax, and go experience Barbados on your own terms. 

We helped Go tell this story through a playful yet modern brand lens that visually separated itself from competitors, and provided customers with a one-of-a-kind Rent a Car experience. 








Inspired by the possibilities that Go Rent a Car presents, we developed the GO arrow; an arrow that leads customers through the island, no matter the traveller.

Working towards the objective of providing customers with a truly personalised experience, we used a range of data and analytics to further define the Go customer into three sectors: Go Family, Go Relax, Go Business. A collection of connected illustrations were then created to tell these stories.


Go Addys-07.png

An impactful, user-friendly experience was vital for Go as it's one of the key touch points a customer interacts with when renting a car. With this in mind, we created a visually stimulating yet user-friendly website that catered to our three Go customers in a personalised way. 

Users now have the opportunity to select a specific type of traveller: Go Relax, Go Family or Go Business. A tailored list of cars is then displayed along with suggested 'extras' and 'must do's' in Barbados, all catered to the GO traveller selection.

The Result? A modern, playful, user-friendly brand that takes customer experience to the next level!  

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Go Addys-04.png
Go Addys-09.png


The Result? A modern, playful, user-friendly brand that takes customer experience to the next level!



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