After partnering with Seaduced, Studio Five recognised just how saturated and similar the luxury cruise and catamaran market is in Barbados. As such, we were faced with the task of making Seaduced stand out amidst a fleet of top line boats. 

Upon careful consideration and analysis of the sector, we positioned Seaduced as the go-to lifestyle brand; a vessel that's not only aesthetically pleasing, but also catered to the lives of its passengers. In this, we focused on voyagers, highlighting the experience as the main reason behind their choice to ride with Seaduced. 

Studio Five conceptualised and directed a photoshoot with the ever talented Alex Jackson. To bring the aspirational, experience-driven cruise to life, every detail was carefully considered including clothing, accessories, positioning and treatment, ultimately allowing the imagery to shine next to competitors.   

Seaduced Luxury Catamaran


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