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The Mill used to be seen as a somewhat upscale rum shop with great food. 

When the opportunity for a renovation came about The Mill approached Studio Five to create a strategy on how they should move forward.

With a relatively low budget, we decided to leverage what people loved about The Mill and transformed it into a one of a kind out door experience that you couldn’t help but share. 

Before going into this project The Mill’s consumer experience was low, and user generated content was non existent. 

The Mill & Co









The new Mill location wanted to attract a fresh audience without alienating its existing, loyal customer base. In order to do so, the rebrand kept menu staples like The INFAMOUS Mill burger while also introducing more cosmopolitan items like Poke and Ramen BOWLS, both of which were deemed perfect for a more TRENDY audience. Creatively, the pop of yellow which was a ‘Mill signature’ was kept to ensure a high degree of familiarity with pre-existing customers. 

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With a new look came a new tone of voice, a way to let our loyal customers know that something new, but still delightfully familiar, was cominG, And a way to let those who’d never tried The Mill before look at casual dining in a whole new way.

Pre opening, a two week engagement campaign was launched on social media to tease customers on what was coming. The goal was to increase awareness through the engagement of loyal customers tagging and sharing with friends. The mill saw over 1000 instagram page views a day during this time.


The Mill needed to let people know that not only was there a new, delicious menu but that their location had been transformed into an Instagram worthy, outdoor paradise. We identified 3 key influencers to kick start this sharing frenzy.

  1. Millenial entrepeneur

  2. Age 40 - 45, trendy mom

  3. age 20-25 blogger with influence beyond just barbados.

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 The Result?

Within two months The Mill completely transformed and saw a huge ROI.

  1. 400% Increase in user generated content

  2. Increase of 1800 + followers on Instagram

  3. Over 250K impressions

  4. 70% increase sales

  5. Expansion into the dinner market due to high demand.