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The founder of the Fresh Press wanted to launch a new, freshly squeezed juice line into the Caribbean market. With this in mind, they tasked Studio Five with creating a brand identity and packaging series that could cut through a crowded market in an effective way. 

The name LemOHnade was developed based on our recognition that there is universal love and excitement surrounding lemonade, no matter the age, gender or location of customers. That 'OH' feeling when you take a sip on a super hot day is contagious and instantly recognisable- if not for the fruit flavours, than for the refreshing burst! 

Lem OH! nade

Brand Identity


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A series of juicy, punchy Illustrations were created to portray the freshness of the brand without relying on the traditional use of photography. Combined with playful animation and a vibrant colour scheme, LemOHnade is able to stand out on shelves and have an overall positive, cheery brand presence that customers instantly connect with. 2.gif